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BLVK Blue Mint 100ML:

Introducing Blue Mint by BLVK an exquisite revelation for your taste buds, immerse yourself in
a world of flavor where the alluring of luscious blue gummy meets the embrace of menthol. It’s a
harmony of taste that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before, all in a synthetic nicotine
blend that takes your vaping journey to the next level.
With a generous 100ml capacity, this vape juice ensures a long lasting and immensely satisfying
vaping journey. It’s a flavor explosion that promises pure delight with every puff. BLVK Blue
Mint 100ML is perfect for both novice and experienced vapers who crave a minty escape with
fruity twist.
So, if you are seeking a vape that combines tradition with innovation, BLVK Blue Mint 100ml, is your
ticket to a world of flavor that’s both classic and refreshingly modern. Don’t miss your chance to
explore the perfect balance of fruity delight and cooling menthol – it’s a vaping journey you
won’t want to end its bottled in a generous 100ml chubby unicorn bottle.
BLVK Blue Mint 100ML is an ideal choice. So if you are in search of a vape that seamlessly
combines tradition with innovation, look no further than BLVK Blue Mint 100ml.
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Nicotine Strength

3MG, 6MG


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