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Skwezed Strawberry Ice 100ml

Everybody enjoys the tart and sweet flavor of strawberries in pies and other assorted treats. What if we told you that the finest way to enjoy these joyful fruity beings is also in a frozen form? The good news is out, though! It’s time to savor the delicious flavor of recently ripe strawberries with the addition of ICE to give your taste senses a cooling jolt. After indulging in our revitalizing Skwezed Strawberry Ice E-Liquid, we blended it with ice to make it even tastier.

For all strawberry enthusiasts with a strong desire for quality, our chilliest Strawberry ICE E-Liquid is a tangy mixer. When you need it most, this delightful flavor will undoubtedly make you feel better. Ready to give it a shot? With our wild Skwezed Strawberry Ice 100ml ICE Flavor, we bet you’ll be in love!


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